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If your Hartley home or business has overhanging branches or problem trees, it may be time you called in a professional arborist. Overgrown branches can sometimes impact buildings and also obstruct pathways, while overhanging or dying branches might pose a risk to gardens and surrounding structures. Trees that are dead or dying sometimes need to be removed entirely—and the same goes for trees of the wrong species or trees which are located in a problematic location. Working at heights in trees while bringing them down can be risky and is usually best left to a professional.

Flow Right arborist services includes an expert assessment, free quote and safe removal of any branches or tree that are of concern. We have the relevant skills, qualifications and the right equipment for big and smalls jobs alike, guaranteeing a thorough and professional result. We can access those places you may feel are too dangerous to access and make your property safer and tidier. We bring the resulting green waste away when we’re done, too.

Tree Trimming

We consider tree trimming the first option to consider for trees that have outgrown their environment on your property. Pruning can prevent future damage from dead wood falling onto people and property below, and also prevent further damage from branches already impacting structures including houses and garages. Flow Right brings years of experience to every tree pruning job and are experts at negotiating heights. We’re confident we can safely bring down even the most challenging branches you may have.

We’ve included more information about BMCC regulations regarding tree care here.

Tree Removal

While it is generally preferable to remove problem branches only, it may sometimes be necessary to remove the whole tree. This can be the case for trees which are too diseased or have died, trees which are the wrong species for the location, or trees that have grown problematically close to neighbouring structures. We can advise you regarding whether the tree is best pruned or fully removed. We safely access your tree, bring it down and remove any resulting mess.

Why hire us?

We’re based in the Blue Mountains
We’re based locally and we’re owned and operated by a local. We service the whole Blue Mountains region, including Hartley. Get in touch for a free onsite quote.

Qualified and experienced
Flow Right owner Nathan Smith has been a level 3 arborist since 2014. Since 2008 Nathan has been qualified for Working at Heights and he also teaches rock-climbing and abseiling guides. He has a professional, safety-minded approach to accessing challenging branches. Flow Right is also fully insured for both public liability and personal accident and injury.

Stay safe and save time
Arborist work should be done with the relevant training and equipment. Let an expert do the climbing, and be assured that a safe and professional service is offered every time.

What our happy customers say

“I needed gutters and roof cleared of “Nathan does an excellent job – is reliable and turns up when he says he will – and is knowledgeable about all aspects of his work. Highly recommended.”
– Ian

Hartley tree trimming
Hartley tree removal

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