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If you’re in Blackheath and in need of professional arborist services for your home and business, we’ve got it sorted. When do you need to call an arborist? If you have trees that are the wrong species for your property, dead or dying trees, or trees located in the wrong place. You might have branches that are threatening to fall or which have begun to overhang buildings and pathways. It’s best to have dead wood removed professionally.

Flow Right has years of experience as well as the right equipment and qualifications. We’re fully insured to take care of any tree care that needs doing. We can give you expert advice for your particular situation and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional is on the job. We can also remove fallen branches and any debris that results from the service.

Tree Trimming

Overhanging branches can mean a falling risk both to people and property. Trimming branches is usually preferable to a complete tree removal and can be an effective way to remove any dangers. It also helps to tidy your garden and to allow more light to enter. We are able to access the branches that you may lack the equipment or the experience to reach.

Please see our tree care page for more info, including council regulations for tree removal and tree care in the Blue Mountains.

Tree Removal

Occasionally a tree needs to be removed entirely. This might be because it is the wrong species, is causing problems due to being too close to buildings or it has died and poses the risk of falling. Leaving dead trees and branches can pose a hazard, especially in high winds, as anything below or around the tree may be damaged by falling wood. Accessing dead wood can be very difficult, but Flow Right has the expertise to safely bring trees down. We then remove any debris that comes down with it.

Why hire us?

We’re based in the Blue Mountains
We offer free quotes on-site to all homes and businesses in the Blue Mountains, and we regularly service Blackheath.

Qualified and experienced
Flow Right is a well-established business covered by public liability insurance as well as personal accident and injury insurance. Owner Nathan Smith has been working at heights since 2008 and is a level 3 arborist. Nathan trains rock-climbing and abseiling instructors at TAFE, so he knows ropes, and can safely access the most difficult to reach places. He can give you expert advice on removing even the most challenging branches and trees.

Stay safe and save time
Because arborist work is potentially hazardous, you should generally get a professional in to do it. Flow Right brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing a trained professional is safely bringing down the problem trees and branches, and then taking them away leaving your yard tidy.Branch and tree removal can be very risky without the proper equipment and training. It’s often best to call in a professional. Flow Right ensures a thorough and safe removal of branches and trees is carried out, and we always take away whatever wood and debris results. For a free quote with expert advice, please get in touch.

What our happy customers say

“I needed gutters and roof cleared of “Nathan does an excellent job – is reliable and turns up when he says he will – and is knowledgeable about all aspects of his work. Highly recommended.”
– Ian

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