Tree Care

Flow Right owner Nathan Smith is an experienced, fully insured, level 3 qualified arborist who always applies a safe and effective approach to tree care. He can remove the wood and debris or, if you prefer, have it mulched for your garden.

Overhanging branches and pruning

Removal of overhanging branches and pruning your trees can be great for your peace of mind or simply to let more light into your home and garden.

Overhanging branches may pose a danger to your property, particularly in high winds, as they can bang up against your roof or fall onto buildings, vehicles or people. Removal of problem branches keeps them clear of your home and prevents leaf litter from collecting in your gutters. Please see my gutter cleaning page regarding the benefits of regular gutter cleaning.

For current Blue Mountains City Council regulations regarding tree work, see below.

Tree Removal

In general, remedial pruning of branches which are dying, dead or rotten is preferable to complete tree removal. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the whole tree—such as when the tree is the wrong species for your property, is in the wrong place, or is beyond treatment and a potential safety hazard to people and property.

Rules and Permits

10/50 Rule
If you live in the 10/50 zone, you can remove trees within 10 metres of your house as well as underlying vegetation within 50 metres of your house without council permission. To find out if you’re in the 10/50 zone, follow the link here.

For more information, see the NSW Rural Fire Service FAQ page.

Tree Permits
If you’re outside the 10/50 zone, you’ll likely need a permit to prune or remove a living tree (4 metres or taller). Removal of dead trees and dead/ broken branches doesn’t require a permit. Tree removal applications can be downloaded here

More information regarding Blue Mountains City Council tree work regulations can be found here. Regulation breaches can produce a hefty fine for arborist and customer alike.

Towns we service

Springwood, Faulconbridge, Linden, Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Bullaburra, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba, Medlow Bath, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Bell, Hartley, Lithgow

Blue Mountains arborist
Tree care

Benefits of a professional arborist

We remove dangerous overhanging branches and trees from your property in a safe and professional manner.

We give you expert advice regarding the best options for any tree or branch removal.

We’re fully insured and qualified for any arborist and gutter cleaning work you need done.

We only consider the job complete once resulting debris is tidied.