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Are you experiencing problems from nearby trees at your home in Leura? Do you have overhanging branches near your house causing you concern? Do you have a tree on your property that is dying? Over time over hanging branches and dying trees can become a bigger problem and eventually a danger. If this is happening to you, then you need the help of a experienced arborist. We can come out to your home or business in Leura and assess your current situations and the best course of action.

Tree Trimming

Overhanging or dying branches can become a hazard to your home and personal safety over time and especially in periods of high winds which can lead to falling branches. Our tree trimming services will remove these branches with minimal disturbance to your property. We’re experienced at accessing difficult and high areas and can remove any branch you’re concerned about. Not only will this remove potential dangers from your home but will also make your property look more neat and tidy.

Learn more about the current council regulations for tree work, please visit our tree care page.

Tree Removal

A dying tree on your property is not only a unattractive eyesore but can become a potential danger if it’s too close to your house. If remedial pruning doesn’t fix the situation, we can conduct a tree removal. If you have a tree giving you concern, we can come out to your home and check out the tree and give you our expert advice on how the tree removal should be performed.

Why hire us?

We’re based in the Mountains
We’re based in Blackheath and service Leura and across the Blue Mountains. We can come out to your home in Leura and give you a free quote on your tree job and you can be satisfied knowing you’re working with a local professional.

We’re professional and fully qualified
We’ve been servicing Leura and the Blue Mountains with all types of tree care services for nearly a decade. Not only are we highly experienced but also are fully qualified and insured and when you hire us you’ll know your property is in good hands.

Don’t risk doing it yourself
Tree trimming and tree removal can be a very dangerous work if you don’t know what you’re doing. We recommend not trying to perform any of these tasks yourself. We can come out and take care of any tree issue safely and properly and you can save yourself the stress of trying to do it by yourself.

What our happy customers say

“Very happy with the work that Nathan did. Friendly, reliable, helpful and thorough. I highly recommend if you are looking for great service at a reasonable price.”
– Jodie

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