Gutter Cleaning

Why get regular gutter cleaning?

Prevention of blocked downpipes
Blocked downpipes can lead to rain run-off flowing into your house, causing rot and significant structural damage to gyprock, fascia and wiring.

Fire hazard reduction
Gutter cleaning is always high on the checklist for fire prevention. During a bushfire, embers can end up in the debris of uncleared gutters, sparking a spot fire.

Protection of garden beds and landscaping
Water sitting in your gutters for too long can cause rust and leakage. Leaky or overflowing gutters can allow water to pool around your home where it is not wanted, destroying garden beds and other landscaping

Keep out pests
Stagnant water will attract mosquitoes. A build-up of leaves in your gutters can be alluring for nesting birds.

Why hire us?

Cleaning gutters can be risky for you and your roof. If you’re uncertain, hire a professional for peace of mind. Nathan has been a professional working at heights since 2008, a level 3 arborist since 2014 and trains rockclimbing and abseiling guides at TAFE. He is well accustomed to heights.

Save time
Cleaning gutters can be a time consuming, dirty and messy process. Spend your spare time doing the things you enjoy and let us take care of the dirty work.

With the right equipment for every job, we ensure great results are delivered every time.

‘Gutter Guard’ or similar

Mesh guards will slow down the accumulation of larger debris, but fine particles and decomposing leaves pass through and then trap moisture. This makes an ideal environment for weeds and moss to grow. The same rule of thumb applies to gutters with guards—clean once to twice per year, or more as required.

Towns we service

Springwood, Faulconbridge, Linden, Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Bullaburra, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba, Medlow Bath, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Bell, Hartley, Lithgow

Blue Mountains gutter cleaning
Removing debris from gutters

Benefits of a professional gutter cleaning

Protect your gutters and down pipes from blockages and potential water damage to your house and garden.

Reduce the fire hazard that results from cluttered gutters.

Your gutters will be cleared in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

All debris cleaned up, leaving your property at least as tidy as before.