Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting my gutters professionally cleaned?

Working at heights can be tricky and some roofs are prone to damage. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned by a professional. Nathan has the relevant safety and cleaning equipment, experience with a variety of structures and an expert’s ability to problem-solve when access is difficult. See the gutter cleaning page for more details.

What’s included with a gutter cleaning?

A proper, professional clean of all gutters and downpipes. If Nathan finds any damage while he’s up there, he’ll let you know what repairs he can offer. Occasionally there may be holes which animals nest in or use to travel. Most often, these are easily patched to prevent damage from pests. We always clean up whatever debris ends up on the ground.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

In general, once or twice per year. It really depends on the volume of debris being dropped by trees around the building. Nathan will let you know what condition he finds your gutters in and give you his recommendation based on the building’s surrounds. You can get in touch here.

What happens if I don’t clean my gutters regularly?

Blocked gutters and downpipes can lead to water overflowing into your garden and into your ceiling, causing structural damage and dampness. Debris filled gutters are a known fire hazard. Birds and mosquitoes can use uncleared gutters for nesting and breeding. And, of course, cluttered gutters look untidy.

How much does a gutter clean cost and how long will it take?

Because every house is different, it’s best to speak to us so we can give you an accurate quote.

What size and type of trees can you remove?

Everything from small branches to large, whole trees.

I’ve had a tree come down on my property. What should I do?

If it’s an emergency situation— for example a branch has fallen onto wires or a vulnerable part of your house— you should contact State Emergency Services as well as your insurance company. If you still need branches or trees removed after the emergency has been dealt with, we can provide a free quote.

What are the benefits of getting a professional arborist in?

A qualified arborist offers expert advice for your particular situation. We can access places you may not be equipped to access. We ensure the job is carried out effectively and safely. You can learn more about the benefits of getting in a professional arborist on our tree care page.

Are your services fully insured?

Yes. Flow Right is insured for public liability ($10 million) and personal accident and injury.