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Do your trees have branches overhanging your house, place of business, car or shed in Wentworth Falls? Are there any dead branches or trees threatening to fall at any moment? Or maybe a lot of dead wood that looks bad and simply needs to go? It may be time to have these removed safely by a professional.

If you’re looking for someone to safely remove any dead trees or dangerous branches on your property, you’ve found us. We can find solutions for your tree care needs in Wentworth Falls and surrounding areas. We have the expertise, experience and the equipment to take on big or small arborist jobs. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional is removing those problem branches and trees, with all wood and debris removed from your yard before we leave.

Tree Trimming

When branches die or grow to overhang buildings, they can become a real danger to property and person alike. When branches fall, they can do serious damage to whatever happens to be below at the time. Our tree trimming services involves us taking a look at your particular situation to find the most effective, safe solution available. We can remove problem branches—whether dead or overhanging— leaving your home safer and allowing more natural light into your yard.

For more information regarding council regulations, please see our tree care page.

Tree Removal

Trees which cannot be cleaned up with remedial pruning may need to be removed. Dead trees tend to drop dead branches over time and eventually collapse entirely, bringing the risk of damage to anything in proximity. You may also wish to have a tree removed which is the wrong species for your property or which is in the wrong place. We have the experience and qualifications to access the whole tree, ensuring its safe removal from your property.

Why hire us?

We’re based in the Blue Mountains
Flow Right is a locally based Blue Mountains business and we regularly do tree care in Wentworth Falls as well as surrounding areas. We come to your home or business and provide a free quote.

Qualified and Experienced
Flow Right’s owner Nathan Smith has been professionally working at heights since 2008, a level 3 qualified arborist since 2014 and a rock climber for decades. He is a trainer and assessor of rock-climbing and abseiling guides, so he is used to problem solving at heights. He can assess the most efficient, safest approach to trimming and removing problem trees. Flow Right is fully insured for public liability as well as personal accident and injury.

Stay safe and save time
Without the proper training and equipment, branch removal and tree removal can be dangerous. We bring the experience and relevant equipment to ensure the job gets done safely and professionally. We take away any wood and debris that results from the service, saving you the risk and the clean up. Call us today for a free quote with expert advice.

What our happy customers say

“I needed gutters and roof cleared of “Nathan does an excellent job – is reliable and turns up when he says he will – and is knowledgeable about all aspects of his work. Highly recommended.”
– Ian

Wentworth Falls tree trimming
Wentworth Falls tree removal

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