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If you’ve got trees in Medlow Bath that are looming over your home, business, pathway, or any other place where they might pose a risk, it might be time you called in a professional arborist. Overhanging branches can be difficult and dangerous to reach, especially without the correct gear and training. But over time branches may fall, doing damage to property or even people. Sometimes the whole tree itself requires removal due to it having died, grown in an inconvenient place, or if it is just not the right species for its locale.

Our arborist services come to you and provide a free quote, assessing the best approach for your particular trees. We bring professionalism and experience to jobs big and small. We are able to safely reach and trim branches that you may find too tricky or too risky to access, and remove problematic trees that can’t be adequately treated with a trim. Our tree care services are always carried out by a fully qualified, fully insured arborist.

Tree Trimming

It is usually best to opt for a trim of problem branches rather than bring the whole tree down. Tree pruning can tidy your yard, let more light in and remove the fall risks posed by overhanging or dead branches. It is sometimes necessary to do a substantial cutting back of branches to prevent future damage or worsening damage from overgrown or overhanging branches. We are able to discuss your options with you and find the most appropriate solution for your property.

For more information regarding council regulations, please see our tree care page.

Tree Removal

In some cases, your best option is to remove the whole tree. Trees that have died or are dying can be a danger to people and surrounding structures. It is also sometimes necessary to remove trees of the wrong species or trees which are threatening to impact buildings and other structures. We will let you know what we think best for your particular situation. It is not generally a good idea to DIY without the proper training and the relevant equpiment. Flow Right has both, and we can take on tree removal jobs of most sizes.

Why hire us?

We’re based in the Blue Mountains
We take care of trees from Springwood to Lithgow, so you can regularly find us in Medlow Bath providing free quotes.

Qualified and experienced
Blue Mountains local Nathan Smith owns and operates Flow Right. Nathan has been climbing the cliffs and the trees of the Blue Mountains for decades. He has been licensed to work at heights since 2008 and a level 3 qualified arborist since 2014. Nathan trains rock-climbing and abseiling instructors, so he is a well-established professional when it comes to safety and ropes. He brings his expertise to those branches you may have thought too difficult or risky to access yourself. Flow Right has all the requisite public liability and personal accident and injury insurance for arborist work.

Stay safe and save time
Because arborist work is potentially hazardous, you should generally get a professional in to do it. Flow Right brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing a trained professional is safely bringing down the problem trees and branches, and then taking them away leaving your yard tidy.

What our happy customers say

“I needed gutters and roof cleared of “Nathan does an excellent job – is reliable and turns up when he says he will – and is knowledgeable about all aspects of his work. Highly recommended.”
– Ian

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